cafeole_innen2Coffeeshop and restaurant under one roof!

Enjoy fresh cooked meals and refreshing drinks in one of the most interesting places of Berlin.

The Café Olé got indoors space for about 70 people and another 100 seats in the summer garden. You could book the whole place for your public or private event such as a birthday party or wedding reception. Please send us your request by e-mail.

Before and after showtime in ufaFabrik, you could enjoy your drink, various snacks, lunch or dinner. In summertime you will love sitting in our garden in front of the café. No cars, no traffic noise, and especially during daytime a great place for families. The only disturbance could be one of the daring sparrows, which will try to snatch a piece of your cake... Welcome again, we wish you a pleasant stay.

Lunch specials

All dishes and beverages also for take away from 10am - 6 pm.
Orders up from 25,- € free delivery in Tempelhof.
Order by phone 030 755 03 120


  • 6 small fried sausages with potatoes and sauerkraut 8,00 €
  • Potatoes with kohlrabi in cream sauce 7,70 €


  • Wheat tortilla with minced meat, chicken and fried vegetables, with guacamole and sour cream 8,40 €
  • Wheat tortilla with braised vegetables, with guacamole and sour cream 7,90 €


  • Pork fillet medaillons with gorgonzola sauce, schupfnudeln (past-potato) and cucumber salad 9,20 €
  • Tortellini with gorgonzola sauce 7,60 €


  • Chicken breast fillet in paprika cream with jasmine rice 8,10 €
  • Vegetable burger with paprika cream and jasmine rice 7,70 €


  • Meatloaf with fried potatoes and 2 fried eggs 8,20 €
  • Spaghetti with forest mushrooms in cream sauce 7,60 €


  • Please choose from the menu card


  • Please choose from the menu card

Week's lunch specials for print / download (pdf).

Sunday breakfast buffet

Because of the actual restrictions caused by Corona we could offer only breakfast a la carte at your place. We offer you regular breakfasts and lots of extras you could order with it.

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All prices in Euro, service and taxes included.